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A new round of the weekly SecurityAffairs newsletter arrived!

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STOLEN PENCIL campaign, hackers target academic
WordPress botnet composed of +20k installs targets
other sites
A new Mac malware combines a backdoor and a
Duke-Cohan sentenced to three years in prison due to
false bomb threats and DDoS
Expert devised a new WiFi hack that works on
Hackers defaced with DNS hijack
Google will shut down consumer version of Google+
earlier due to a bug
Group-IB identifies leaked credentials of 40,000
users of government websites in 30 countries
Seedworm APT Group targeted more than 130 victims in
30 organizations since Sept
A new variant of Shamoon was uploaded to Virus Total
while Saipem was under attack
Cyber attack hit the Italian oil and gas services
company Saipem
New threat actor SandCat exploited recently patched
CVE-2018-8611 0day
Novidade, a new Exploit Kit is targeting SOHO
French foreign ministry announced its Travel Alert
Registry Hack
ID Numbers for 120 Million Brazilians taxpayers
exposed online
Operation Sharpshooter targets critical
infrastructure and global defense
A bug in Facebook Photo API exposed photos of 6.8
Million users
New Sofacy campaign aims at Government agencies
across the world
WordPress version 5.0.1 addressed several
Magellan RCE flaw in SQLite potentially affects
billions of apps
Which are the worst passwords for 2018?

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Security Affairs newsletter Round 192 – News of the week