Cloud Hosting Provider hit by the Ryuk ransomware

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The Cloud hosting provider was hit by a ransomware-based attack on Christmas Eve that took down its systems.

Data Resolution LLC provides software hosting, business continuity systems, cloud computing, and data center services to more serves than 30,000 businesses worldwide,

The news was first reported by the popular investigator Brian Krebs on KrebsOnSecurity, the company believe its systems were infected with the Ryuk ransomware.

The Ryuk ransomware recently crippled printing and delivery operations for major U.S. newspapers.

According to a company the attackers took over a login account on Christmas Eve and used it to access the company network and deliver the Ryuk ransomware.

Intruders haven’t stolen any data, their unique goal was to extort money to the company forcing it to pay the ransom to recover the encrypted data.


“The intrusion gave the attackers control of Data Resolution’s data center domain, briefly locking the company out of its own systems.” wrote Krebs. “The update sent to customers states that Data Resolution shut down its network to halt the spread of the infection and to work through the process of cleaning and restoring infected systems.”

According to a report published by security firm CheckPoint published on August, the Ryuk ransomware was one of the cyber weapons in the arsenal of the dreaded North Korea-linked APT group Lazarus.

The  Ryuk ransomware appears connected to Hermes malware that was associated with the notorious Lazarus APT group.

Check Point uncovered a ransomware-based campaign aimed at organizations around the world conducted by North Korea-linked threat actor.

The campaign appeared as targeted and well-planned, crooks targeted several enterprises and encrypted hundreds of PC, storage and data centers in each infected company.

Some organizations paid an exceptionally large ransom in order to retrieve the encrypted files, CheckPoint confirmed that the ransom amount paid by the victims ranged between 15 BTC to 50 BTC.

At least three organizations in the United States and worldwide were severely affected, the attackers are estimated to have netted over $640,000 to date.

DataResolution is still working to restore email access and multiple databases for clients. The company is working to restore service for companies relying on it to host installations of Dynamics GP-

“A source at a company that uses Data Resolution to manage payroll payments told KrebsOnSecurity that the cloud hosting provider said it did not attempt to pay the requested ransom, preferring to restore systems from backups instead.” concludes Krebs.

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Cloud Hosting Provider hit by the Ryuk ransomware