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Attackers hacked support agent to access Microsoft
Outlook email accounts
Major coordinated disinformation campaign hit the
Lithuanian Defense
Romanian duo convicted of fraud Scheme infecting
400,000 computers
Security Affairs newsletter Round 209 – News of the
Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook down worldwide
A new DDoS technique abuses HTML5 Hyperlink Audit
Ping in massive attacks
Apache fixed an important RCE flaw in Tomcat
application server
Gnosticplayers round 5 – 65 Million+ fresh accounts
from 6 security breaches available for sale
Gnosticplayers round 5 – 65 Million+ fresh accounts
from 8 security breaches available for sale
Locked Shields 2019 – Chapeau, France wins Cyber
Defence Exercise
Yellow Pencil WordPress Plugin flaw expose tens of
thousands of sites
Adblock Plus filter can be exploited to execute
arbitrary code in web pages
Blue Cross of Idaho data breach, 5,600 customers
CVE-2019-0803 Windows flaw exploited to deliver
PowerShell Backdoor
Ecuador suffered 40 Million Cyber attacks after the
Julian Assange arrest
FireEye releases FLASHMINGO tool to analyze Adobe
Flash files
Scranos – A Cross Platform, Rootkit-Enabled Spyware
rapidly spreading
A new variant of HawkEye stealer emerges in the
threat landscape
Code execution
– Evernote
eGobbler hackers used Chrome bug to deliver
500Million+ ads to iOS users
European Commission is not in possession of evidence
of issues with Kaspersky products
Justdial is leaking personal details of all
customers real-time
RCE flaw in Electronic Arts Origin client exposes
gamers to hack
Analyzing OilRigs malware that uses DNS Tunneling
APT28 and Upcoming Elections: evidence of possible
interference (Part II)
Cisco addresses a critical bug in ASR 9000 series
Drupal patched security vulnerabilities in Symfony,
Facebook ‘unintentionally collected contacts from
1.5 Million email accounts without permission
Russian TA505 threat actor target financial entities
Broadcom WiFi Driver bugs expose devices to hack
Facebook admitted to have stored millions of
Instagram users passwords in plaintext
Operator of Codeshop Cybercrime Marketplace
Sentenced to 90 months in prison
Ransomware attack knocks Weather Channel off the Air
Source code of tools used by OilRig APT leaked on
Avast, Avira, Sophos and other antivirus solutions
show problems after
Google is going to block logins from embedded
browsers against MitM phishing attacks
Hacker broke into super secure French Governments
Messaging App Tchap hours after release
Marcus Hutchins pleads guilty to two counts of
banking malware creation

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Security Affairs newsletter Round 210 – News of the week