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Norway blames China-linked APT31 for 2018 government hack
Poland: The leader of the PiS party blames Russia for the recent attack
This bug can permanently break iPhone WiFi connectivity
MI5 seized Boris Johnsons phone over security risk fears
NSA releases guidance for securing Unified Communications and VVoIP
Ragnar Locker ransomware leaked data stolen from ADATA chipmaker
Threat actors in January attempted to poison the water at a US facility
A ransomware attack disrupted the IT network of the City of Liege
DirtyMoe botnet infected 100,000+ Windows systems in H1 2021
Tor Browser 10.0.18 fixes a bug that allows to track users by fingerprinting installed apps
Wormable bash DarkRadiation Ransomware targets Linux distros and docker containers
John McAfee found dead in prison cell ahead of extradition to US
LV ransomware operators repurposed a REvil binary to launch a new RaaS
The European Commission proposed to launch the new Joint Cyber Unit
ChaChi, a GoLang Trojan used in ransomware attacks on US schools
Flaws in Dell BIOSConnect feature affect 128 device models
VMware releases patches for critical flaw in Carbon Black App Control
Zyxel warns customers of attacks on its enterprise firewall and VPN devices
Clop gang members recently arrested laundered over $500M in payments
Flaws in FortiWeb WAF expose Fortinet devices to remote hack
Hackers exploit 3-years old flaw to wipe Western Digital devices
Marketo Marketplace – Cybercriminals are targeting major law firms
Epsilon Red – our research reveals more than 3.5 thousand servers are still vulnerable
Mercedes-Benz data breach impacted roughly 1000 individuals
Microsoft: Russia-linked SolarWinds hackers breached three new entities

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