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Microsoft Azure flaws could allow accessing PostgreSQL DBs of other customers
Emotet tests new attack chain in low volume campaigns
Pro-Russian group Killnet launched DDoS attacks on Romanian govt sites
Anonymous hacked Russian PSCB Commercial Bank and companies in the energy sector
Hurry up, disable AFP on your QNAP NAS until the vendor fixes 8 bugs
It’s Called BadUSB for a Reason
Ongoing DDoS attacks from compromised sites hit Ukraine
Bumblebee, a new malware loader used by multiple crimeware threat actors
CISA published 2021 Top 15 most exploited software vulnerabilities
CloudFlare blocked a record HTTPs DDoS attack peaking at 15 rps
Russia-linked threat actors launched hundreds of cyberattacks on Ukraine
US Department of State offers $10M reward for info to locate six Russian Sandworm members
Linux Nimbuspwn flaws could allow attackers to deploy sophisticated threats
Wind Turbine giant Deutsche Windtechnik hit by a professional Cyberattack
Conti ransomware operations surge despite the recent leak
Iran-linked APT Rocket Kitten exploited VMware bug in recent attacks
CISA adds new Microsoft, Linux, and Jenkins flaws to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog
Stormous ransomware gang claims to have hacked Coca-Cola
North Korea-linked APT37 targets journalists with GOLDBACKDOOR
Anomaly Six, a US surveillance firm that tracks roughly 3 billion devices in real-time
Iran announced to have foiled massive cyberattacks on public services
BlackCat Ransomware gang breached over 60 orgs worldwide
Experts warn of a surge in zero-day flaws observed and exploited in 2021
Atlassian addresses a critical Jira authentication bypass flaw
Since declaring cyber war on Russia Anonymous leaked 5.8 TB of Russian data
Apr 17 – Apr 23 Ukraine – Russia the silent cyber conflict

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